Random Musings of a Banded Bad-Ass (not really)....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Why Can't I Comment?

All of a sudden, none of my comments will go through. I remember someone else asking about this several weeks ago, but I can't find the dang post & answers. Can someone help, por favor?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hoo-EEE! Is anyone melting yet?

Holy Toledo, is it hot and sticky enough for you?! I just want to bathe in a tub of ice water. All is well around here, with not much to report. I saw a new low on the scale today, 209.5, which takes me into a new weight decade. It's so interesting how I can be stalled for weeks and even months on end, only to have the scale start to move for no real reason. Actually, I think I've been less active with this heat. So, on the band front, I really need to pay a visit to my surgeon. My port incision continues to be problematic, and not only do I still have a slightly open wound there, but there is now a tiny hole beneath it, and {gasp!} I think my port is exposed a bit. I'm packing the wound and keeping the hole clean and covered, but this can not be good. I had Dr. B call in a heavy dose of antibiotics to give it one last shot to close, because I'm pretty certain my only other option is a revision surgery, which I really want to avoid.

Husby and I just got back from our National Lampoon RV Vacation. I wanted The Caribbean or Hawaii, I got Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks, via motor-home. Alas, it was very beautiful, but we could have enjoyed some nice tropical digs for the coin we dropped on renting an RV. It's a good thing they get such great gas mileage, because that made it a real bargain {at least compared to chartering a private jet to an island paradise}. Eh, at least we got to bring the pup along.

So Lovelies, I'll leave you with a few pix from our madcap adventures....Excuse the no-make-up look in my photo, but I found it to be very difficult to look put-together whilst camping. {I do love that my pup is masking my arm flab}.