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Monday, November 15, 2010

Not Such a Smooth Move

I've been having issues with, ahem, the potty of late. To say I have been irregular would be an understatement. Four days since a real poop, if I'm being honest, so I decided to take matters into my own hands. I'm not a big fan of laxatives, so I sought out an herbal remedy. I bought myself some hot tea, Smooth Move. OK I'm sorry, that name is just gross. But I bought a box yesterday, and was in such a hurry to get down to business that I failed to read the instructions. Or rather, I read them and ignored them. Bad idea. There is a reason they tell you to drink this stuff before going to bed. I assume they hope that you are in a deep sleep before your insides begin turning out, in an effort to move things along. Rough night, let me tell you. Holy cramps, Batman! Yes, the stuff works. Boy does it ever. God help me.

On the band front, my port incision infection is much better. I have a follow-up appointment with my surgeon on Thursday. I don't think I'll get a fill, although he mentioned last time that he thought I might need one (minimal loss since previous visit). We'll see, but I think I'm good if I can keep my head straight. That really is the hardest part with this, isn't it?

For the Holiday Challenge, I reported a paltry loss of 1.2 lbs, which was disappointing since I had been down almost four pounds earlier in the week. I'm hoping this Smooth Move will help me get back on track.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dinner Plans....Gulp!

I believe I have mentioned before that my husby works for a family business, which is built around a medical practice management software program. It just so happens that they have a significant presence in the bariatric surgery market (and it is quite likely that many of your surgeon's use the software). Anyway, this week, Raintree is hosting a Technical Training Seminar for a group of surgeons based in the 90210 (Beverly Hills, for those of you who didn't grow up with Brenda and Brandon Walsh). This happens to be one of Steve's favorite clients (I think he has a man-crush on their Ops Manager). So, this evening, we're taking said client to dinner (one surgeon, the ops manager and an IT guy), and I stupidly agreed to go. Oh, and by the way, Steve has told [at least] the ops mgr about my surgery. Dining with a bariatric surgeon and his entourage? WHAT WAS I THINKING? What if I get stuck? You know they are going to watch me eat, and pay attention to my every move. I got online and checked out the menu, so I can be an informed diner, but I have major anxiety about this whole ordeal. I think it's too late to back out. Or is it?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Still Alive But Still Infected

So, I'm doing OK. I still have this blasted infection at my port site. I saw my surgeon on Tuesday, and he put me on yet another round of antibiotics, this time for 10 days. He said if this doesn't take care of it, we need to talk about a quick surgery to clean things up at the port incision, whatever that means. I did ask if this meant general anesthesia, and he told me I would just go under twilight sleep, like with my endoscopy. Other than that, not too much news on the band front. I had lost only 1.5 lbs in the four weeks since I last saw him, but this infection and pain has curbed by exercise, so I know that is a big factor. Who am I kidding? I have eaten a ton of Halloween candy over the past two weeks--that's why.

Not much else to share. I was watching my niece and nephew last week, as my husband's family business had a conference in Chicago; this means I had them over Halloween Week. God bless all you working mothers out there....I don't know how the heck you juggle those schedules. Spirit Week at Evie's school meant a series of "crap-we-need-to-find-you-a-camouflage-outfit/favorite-literary-character-costume/crazy-socks/crazy- hair-something-to-wear" moments. Also, my nephew Michael is 12, and is really struggling in school. He is so bright, but has a real lack of focus. Plus, sixth grade math is HARD! My biggest laugh of the week came when Evie told me that one of her friends at school told her that trick-or-treating was really about worshiping the devil. Evie said "But I told her, it's really not about devil worship. It's just about having a good time and getting some candy".

The family arrived home on Saturday night, so I did not take the kids out trick-or-treating. We live out in the boonies, and don't get any costumed visitors from the 'hood, so I always make my nieces and nephew stop by...

This shot is of nephew & niece Michael & Evie and their parents (my BIL & SIL) plus three Estonians, who experienced American trick-or-treating for the first time:

This one is is of nieces Katie and Elisabeth (kids of my husband's other brother). The poses are totally unsolicited:

Oh, I opted in on the Holiday Challenge. I hope I wasn't too late! I love me some competition!