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Saturday, January 8, 2011

50 Followers....That's Just Super!

Thank you so much for reading my blog. 50 followers is pretty awesome! It's been a good week, for the most part. I was a bit sad at the start, as the husby had to return to work after being off over the holidays, but, alas, someone has to earn a living around here (I quit my job in May, to look for something closer to home, but I haven't even started looking--so many more fun things to do!). It's been friggin' cold here in the San Diego area. Now, I know cold is a relative term, and all you North Easterners would probably kill for temps in the high 40's, but for wimps like me, it's been an icy-cold and wet winter. We had such crazy rains the week before Christmas that we were stuck at home for two days, as the creek ran over (remember, I sort of live in The Sticks). Here's a picture of the creek (usually a trickle) running over the road to our place--by this point it had gone down considerably, but you get the idea:

On the band front, I was ever-so-happy that my port site incision finally closed on New Years Day (after several months), but it reopened just five days later. I see Dr. B. on Tuesday, and will ask him to do a culture to determine what the heck is going on. I want to exhaust all options before agreeing to a relocation surgery. I still need to lose 3 lbs. to hit 100 down by my visit on Tuesday. Here's hoping for a lofty loss this weekend. Click shakes are my friend, and my enemy at the same time. Ciao!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sorry for my absence....I was busy eating fudge.

Happy New Year! I know it's been awhile since I've posted. Part of it is that I've been busy with the holidays, and part is that I've been a bad girl, and hate to fess up. The good news is, I made it through the holidays without gaining. The bad news is, I made it through the holidays without losing. I know where I messed up. Things like: I made sweets for the neighbors, and when my fudge didn't properly set, instead of throwing it out, I kept it in the garage fridge, and helped myself to a spoonful whenever I got a hankering for a sweet treat. Turns out fudge-by-the-spoonful is DELICIOUS, and goes down oh-so-easily. I had those fudge hankerings most days, until I finally tossed tossed the gooey mess of yumminess.

Other than that, I'm glad the holidays are over, and I'm ready to buckle down for progress in the new year. I see my surgeon on 01/11, and want to lose 5 lbs before then, which I am confident I can do. This will get me to 100 lbs lost, in 11 months, which is really amazing. I love my band....oh, and I've finally named her: Prudence, she is. She keeps me real, and helps me to exercise sound judgment.

We just returned from a few days at our family cabin in Big Bear (San Diego's local mountain resort). It was just lovely, and we had about six inches of snow. Here's a shot from the front of our cabin, looking up the snowy road.