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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dinner Plans....Gulp!

I believe I have mentioned before that my husby works for a family business, which is built around a medical practice management software program. It just so happens that they have a significant presence in the bariatric surgery market (and it is quite likely that many of your surgeon's use the software). Anyway, this week, Raintree is hosting a Technical Training Seminar for a group of surgeons based in the 90210 (Beverly Hills, for those of you who didn't grow up with Brenda and Brandon Walsh). This happens to be one of Steve's favorite clients (I think he has a man-crush on their Ops Manager). So, this evening, we're taking said client to dinner (one surgeon, the ops manager and an IT guy), and I stupidly agreed to go. Oh, and by the way, Steve has told [at least] the ops mgr about my surgery. Dining with a bariatric surgeon and his entourage? WHAT WAS I THINKING? What if I get stuck? You know they are going to watch me eat, and pay attention to my every move. I got online and checked out the menu, so I can be an informed diner, but I have major anxiety about this whole ordeal. I think it's too late to back out. Or is it?


  1. I would so back out lol that sounds so scary!! Not that you can't handle it, I'm sure you'd be fine but still I am with you so scary!

    Yeah the Jackie Warner video is a little brutal, at least in the begining. I'm not near as sore week 2 doing the same workouts. It feels really good. You are right I'm find the 15 minutes a day to be so reasonable....I'm actually sticking to it!


    ps. What kind of dog do you have??

  2. I see it as an opportunity to ask every question you've ever wanted to and not been given the time with your own doc. I would KILL for that.

    Here's one for you: What is the scientific reason -- I mean, evidence -- for being on liquids for two days and then mushies for 2 days after a fill? I can see none and yet my practice tortures me with such a regiment.

  3. All went well. No real incidents to speak of. I was Shy-Jennie for the night. I did choke on my water for a sec, causing a brief coughing fit. They probably thought I was stuck, but it was a fleeting moment.