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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Me and My Band

We seem to be having sort of a love/hate relationship lately. I love the fact that she's dong her job, and that the scale has started to move again, but I hate that my level of tightness varies from day to day and even meal to meal. I'm scared to get an unfill, but regularly get stuck on solid food, especially meat, no matter how well I chew. This is a recent development, yet I was last filled in August. I have lost almost 20 lbs since then, so one might expect that the band would loosen as my stomach shrinks. Nope, not so much. She has a mind of her own.

It's been so beautiful here in Temecula this week. The temperature is in the high 70's and the sun is shining brightly. Not too shabby, as we kick off December. I just went and picked some pomegranates off our tree and split one open for an afternoon snack. So delicious! Our apples are also at the peak of ripeness, and so very sweet and tart, just as I like them. I think I'm adjusting to country living just fine--except this morning, when I took my dog for a walk, and we were chased off the road by an angry nanny goat. She was pissy as all get-go.

Anyway, I hope all of you are having a great day, and that the stress of holiday shopping isn't getting the best of you. Oh, and as far as the Holiday Challenge goes, I'm going on record here to say I'm gonna have a kick-ass week! Happy December, everyone!


  1. These bands are fickle things, aren't they!

    I miss fresh pomegranates. Well...fresh off a tree. I can buy 'em at the store but my grandparents had a bush when I was a kid and I loved going into their yard and making a mess with a fresh pomegranate.

    Crazy goat!

    You can do it!!!

  2. OK, I'm jealous that you can walk outside and bite into a pomegranates. Such decadence.

    You might try something I did. I ate a bit of something and then waited 10 to 30 minutes and tried eating solids. It worked. They call it first bite syndrome where the esophagus goes into a bit of a spasm and keeps you from being able to eat solids. Sometimes I would have a cup of soup or a glass of milk. I haven't been stuck in over a month and can eat solids without problem. It seems the spasms have calmed. Not losing the weight as fast as you but I'm not hungry very much. And my weight is going down.

  3. Sorry you're having fickle band syndrome - we all go through it. You really made me hungry with all the fruit talk.

  4. Hey Jennifer! I saw your comment over on my blog, and I tried to email you, but couldn't find an address. Anywho, you can count me among your followers now -- can't believe I haven't come across you yet!

    So, the aleve thing... it's an NSAID, which I've always been told to avoid, post-banding, because of stomach issues.

  5. Sorry to hear about the fickle band!!