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Saturday, January 8, 2011

50 Followers....That's Just Super!

Thank you so much for reading my blog. 50 followers is pretty awesome! It's been a good week, for the most part. I was a bit sad at the start, as the husby had to return to work after being off over the holidays, but, alas, someone has to earn a living around here (I quit my job in May, to look for something closer to home, but I haven't even started looking--so many more fun things to do!). It's been friggin' cold here in the San Diego area. Now, I know cold is a relative term, and all you North Easterners would probably kill for temps in the high 40's, but for wimps like me, it's been an icy-cold and wet winter. We had such crazy rains the week before Christmas that we were stuck at home for two days, as the creek ran over (remember, I sort of live in The Sticks). Here's a picture of the creek (usually a trickle) running over the road to our place--by this point it had gone down considerably, but you get the idea:

On the band front, I was ever-so-happy that my port site incision finally closed on New Years Day (after several months), but it reopened just five days later. I see Dr. B. on Tuesday, and will ask him to do a culture to determine what the heck is going on. I want to exhaust all options before agreeing to a relocation surgery. I still need to lose 3 lbs. to hit 100 down by my visit on Tuesday. Here's hoping for a lofty loss this weekend. Click shakes are my friend, and my enemy at the same time. Ciao!


  1. As a fellow SoCal'er I can relate in a genuine way...it's frickin cold. Yes, in the 50's and anyone who says otherwise, can go lick a frosty pole. (No, you won't find one here...but it's still cold to me!!)

    And boy oh boy has losing 70-something pounds made a difference to my insulation.

    Congrats on almost 100!

  2. Yeah for 50 followers and for nearing the 100lb mark, you have come so far :o)

  3. Fantastic on almost 100 - that's frickin' awesome!!! And 50 followers is totally cool too!! I hope the port site figures itself out - like right now!

  4. I wish to nominate you for the stylish blogger award over at my blog :-)

  5. Just found your blog....I read about your pooping problem...I resolved my issues with flaxseed meal...I'm a new convert...I wrote about it in my blog.

    You write really well and are very entertaining! You have done excellently with your band.

  6. I miss the band geek - COME BACK!!!!! :)