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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Defying Logic

Why does soft tofu get stuck in my band, yet I can eat a half a can of Pringles with no problem? Why do I ache in pain (then cough it up) when I try to eat tuna salad, but I can put away tortilla chips and salsa like there's no tomorrow? Senseless, I tell you. It sure is easy to get off-track, when so many protein-rich foods are off the table, and junk food is easy-as-pie (oh, don't get me started on pie). If you come across my self-control and discipline, would you kindly return it?

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  1. I know!! How does that work?? I get stuck on eggs ALL the freaking time but I can eat tortilla chips like there is no tomorrow. That sort of stuff really frustrates me!