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Friday, October 8, 2010


Well, I had the Upper GI Endoscopy yesterday, and the results came back normal, so my band has not eroded, thank God. The procedure was easy-squeezy, and only lasted about 5 minutes, although I was doped up for about 30 minutes, and have no recollection of the procedure. That whole "conscious sedation" gig is quite a trip. When I told the husby that I would be in a "twilight sleep", he gave himself a license to make some really stupid vampire jokes. All. Day. Long.

They were great at the La Jolla Endoscopy Center, but there was kind of a funny moment when they wheeled me from the pre-op area to the procedure room. I went in head first on the gurney, and the receiving RN said to me, "You're here for a colonoscopy?", and I said, "Nope, an upper endoscopy". They quickly did a 180 with my gurney.

So, even though the erosion has been ruled out, we still do not know the cause of the infection and hematoma. I started a series of antibiotics, and we'll see how it reacts. There was some mention of a surgery to relocate my port, but I will exhaust all other options before taking that step. Not a big fan of the whole general anesthesia thing. But, the elimination of the erosion possibility gives us time to figure this out. For now, I am oh-so-relieved.

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