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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Family Game Night & Dangerous Treats

On Saturday, we had family BBQ & pool party at my SIL's, follwed by game night at our place (remember, the family that plays together stays together). We had a hoot playing Apples to Apples (so much fun for a big group). That is, until my 13-year-old niece read one of her cards, and asked [out loud] "Could you still be alive if you were born in 1965?" Say what?!? Suddenly, a cloud of depression covered the room, so I sent everyone home (TRICK!).

Anyway, I try not to keep sweets in the house, but everyone wanted dessert (and I certainly wasn't going to bake in this heat), so I had a stellar idea to pick up an assortment of Weight Watchers Ice Cream Novelties (sort of like my own little ice cream truck, but not so naughty, and without all the carbon emissions). Anyhoo, as usual, I over-bought (and everyone under-ate) so I am left with several boxes of treats, which are calling my name from the garage fridge. So far I have been good, but man, those ice cream candy bars are simply delectable, and definitely a slider. I should have had everyone take a box home, but didn't think about it. I would send them to work with the husby, but he'd undoubtedly leave them to melt in his back seat. So I think I need to toss them. Or not.


  1. I always have the WW Giant Fudge Bars in the freezer. I might have one every couple of days, but it is always after lunch so I have time to work it off!

  2. Found your blog through a comment you left on LDswims post. I am right there with you not knowing what restriction truly means. I can eat more than 1/2 cup of food, but can't eat anywhere near what I could before the band. I've also been having this weird pressure on my chest. I've never had heartburn so wondering if it's heartburn or restriction, but but the pressure doesn't always occur after a meal - sometimes I just wake up with it. It's weird, but hoping that since I've only been with the band a little over a month I'll figure it out soon.