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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mission Accomplished

Hello Lovely Ladies! Can you tell me how many adjustments it took for you to find your "sweet spot"? I finally got fill number four yesterday, guided by fluoroscope (wow what an ordeal!), and am hoping for some real restriction now. After I arrived at the surgery center, I had to go through all the pre-op standard operating procedures (pun not intended, but delightful just the same)....After over an hour of those shenanigans, I went into the OR for my 5 minute "procedure", then was wheeled to post-op, where I waited for another hour, hooked up to monitors, etc., before being discharged. Sheesh, what a pain. The staff there is so nice, but I find it difficult to reciprocate the kindness when I am so agitated with the process. My surgeon apologized for all the theatrics, but said the ASC follows the same protocol for all procedures. Anyhoo, thankfully my port has not flipped, but it has turned a bit, and is at a 90* angle. At least now Dr. B. knows from what angle to enter, and hopefully my future adjustments will be smooth as silk, sans fanfare.

I'm soooo tired....Husby had to leave the house at 3:45 this morning, to [supposedly] catch an early flight to Sioux Falls, South Dakota (AKA Partyland, USA). Before retiring last night, I had to pack his suitcase (I know what you're thinking: I'm an awesome wife)....It was a one-night trip, so he did not want to check a bag, but I was unsure if he could carry on a razor, so I checked the TSA web site. I must say, I find it perplexing that one can carry on "metal scissors with pointed tips and blades shorter than four inches in length", but not a sealed container of yogurt. Anyway, we hit the hay early (10pm) were awoken (awakened?) at 12:05am by the phone (DH's company has an office in Estonia, and we were expecting two Estonian girls to arrive TONIGHT, but someone messed up on that memo, because they arrived at LAX at 11:45 LAST NIGHT, and no one was there to pick them up). After he made some troubleshooting calls, I finally fell back asleep only to be awoken (awakened?) AGAIN at 1:15am, with another call about the girls and some keys we have for them. I didn't bother trying to go back to sleep, as I just laid there in anticipation of Steve's pending 3:00am alarm. Here's the kicker: He just arrived back home (SURPRISE!!!), as his flight was canceled due to faulty hydraulics on the plane [not a huge fan of Delta]. Oh, and the Estonians are on their way....more on that later. Tootles for now!


  1. Hi Jennifer!!

    Thanks for Following me! I have just finished reading your blog to date! You have the cutest dog, Puppers ever!!

    I am sooo jealous!! 70 lbs lost in 6 months???? I have only lost 43 lbs in just under 9 months!! Ok, I realize that this slow weight loss is ALL MY FAULT!! LOL

    As to your question on how long it took us to get to our "sweet spot". Like I said, I am 8 mos, 3 wks and 1 day out of Surgery. I have had 7 Fills and am at about 7.2 cc's in a 10 cc Band. I still am not at my "sweet spot" yet. But I know that I am getting closer!!

  2. WOW! I can't believe the travel ordeals! Cancelled plans and faulty travel itineraries, and visitors coming from Europe a day early! Nuts! That would have made me crazy in the head to have people arrive a day early.

    You've lost an amazing amount of weight! Congrats to you! As for your question about the band fills....I had a series of fu-bared fill attempts. My first four fills, the nurse tech COMPLETELY missed my port site altogether. I was like, why the heck am I not getting any restriction at all? Then I saw my surgeon again and discovered that I had no saline in my band at all. After it all got sorted out, I think it took about five fills after all that to get to my "sweet spot." It may have been six fills. I have a 10cc band.

    It's lovely to meet you! I've bookmarked your blog and will be back to visit! Good luck with your visitors!

  3. I found you through Debi. We were banded on the same day! Feb 10/10. Glad you found the blogging world. I'm at http://rollercoasterdieting.blogspot.com/

  4. To fill or not to fill? i have had 3 fills in 3 mo. I am currently at 8cc in a 11cc band. I have a fill on Friday. I am hoping this will be it. Your wt loss is amazing.