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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Rest of The Tale, In Bullets...

 (continued from previous post)
  • After visiting with my friends, I retired fairly early, as they had to wake up at 4AM, to go to Children's Hospital.
  • At about midnight, I woke up, needing to pee, but had excruciating pain throughout my abdominal area and groin....so much so, that I had to prop myself up and crawl out of bed.
  • I was awake the rest of the night, having to pee about five times in the next three hours.  It was so hard to get up, and hardly anything was, um, coming out.
  • I laid there in pain, as I did not want to cause any additional stress for my friends, whose daughter was having surgery early that morning.  My husband had since arrived at the house and was sleeping downstairs on their couch, so my plan was to alert him as soon as they left for the hospital.
  • They left later than planned, at 5AM, and I got up and told my husband about my pain.  He asked if we should go to the ER, but I declined.  Took some OTC pain meds and managed to fall asleep.
  • Awoke at 6AM, and thought a shower would do me good.  I collapsed in the shower, and my husband had to help me off the shower floor to the bed.
  • Called surgeon's office, and he said I must be dehydrated, but was not overly concerned.  He asked me to come in that afternoon, during clinic hours. It turns out I was dehydrated, and fluids helped a bit.
  • I saw Dr. B. that afternoon, and he prescribed pain meds and antibiotics--not sure how/why he thought I  could manage without these initially....
  • A week later, I just finished the antibiotics, and am weening off of the Vicoden.  Still very weak and tired, but this is likely related to the meds.
  • God news:  The wound looks great, and he may have saved me $3K with this whole ordeal.
  • Now, I just need to get the port relocated.  I have no restriction, but have had little appetite, so all is well for now,


  1. ok, just read the whole post...Holy Crap! You are a goddess for being able to deal with that all...the pain..the stress..that is truly craziness. I hope you feel better soon...and I am a new follower(getting my port revision surgery done tomorrow---jennxaz)

  2. Holy cow....you are quite the trooper! Hope things are going better these days.