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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Missing My Chubby Cheeks

So, I know vanity kills and all but can we chat, just for a minute, about looks (specifically mine)?  Now, I certainly did not enter into this whole Lap Band experience just so I would "look better", but it definitely was a factor.  At 320 pounds, I did not feel good OR look good.  So, here we are 26 months later, and I surely FEEL better, and I do think that I LOOK better, overall.  But, can I just say that I miss my rounder face.  Not the 320 pound round face, but the 250-ish one.  I was looking at some photos from the past year, and was kind of stricken by the significant change in my face.  And I think I prefer the photos from mid-2010 to now.  I don't think I look bad in the second picture....I just think I prefer the rounder fce to the more angular one. Of course, I would not take back the 140 pounds I have lost, or even the 65 pounds that I have shed since the first photo, but I hope that my face does not get much thinner as I lose my last 25 pounds. I don't want my face to look like Skeletor.

I'll let you be the judge....The first picture was taken in October 2010, and the second one was this past New Year's Eve.  I'm thinking I look a bit gaunt. And I also think I look significantly older (I know I am a bit older, but I think I've lost my "youthful glow").  What do you think?

 October 2010

January 2012


  1. I think you look great in both photos, and honestly, no older at all in the second one. Your hair looks fabulously shiney in the second photo and you look healthy and very happy.

    We are our own worst critics!

  2. You look great in both pictures!

  3. maybe you need your eyes checked! you look awesome in both of the photos!!!!

  4. I think it might be time for a new prescription, sweetie.... You look great in both!


  5. I don't think you look gaunt at all! Might just be a poor angle in the second picture, I think you look great. :)

  6. A few days late, but gotta weigh in. You look awesome in both pics but I actually see a younger face in the Jan 2012 pic. Your skin has a beautiful glow to it in the more recent photo. No matter what, you are gorgeous in both!