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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wasabi Peas Overdose

I'm siting here eating Trader Joe's Wasabi Peas right out of the bag, and I think I've probably had three or four servings already.  In my mind, I've concocted some sort of justification....Peas are a vegetable, after all. Plus I must be burning some calories with the intense heat my body is absorbing.  Dang, these puppies are SPICY!  But, oh so good.  Must. Stop. Now.

I'm doing much better with my health issues.  We finally figured out that I had developed an abscess just above my incision, which was causing all of the discomfort and night fevers (so sick of changing the bed sheets every day). Dr. B. put me on round three of antibiotics, this time something stronger, and I'm doing much better.  He said my wound had closed prematurely, causing the abscess.  I'll spare you the gross details of how I figured this out, but am so relieved that the fluid build up is gone, and the crazy-pain is now just mild tenderness.

Being sans-port and not having any fluid in my band has been a weird adjustment.  I have none of the physical triggers of restriction when I eat, but I still get a feeling of fullness, telling me when I should stop.  I was told by two surgeons (my surgeon, and another with whom I had a phone consult) that I would most likely gain weight (about 10 lbs.), but so far, have managed to lose a couple of pounds.  I'm hoping I can keep that up, as my surgery to get a new port won't be for a couple of months, once this wound is 110% healed.  My surgeon told me that he has called in a favor with Allergan, and they are donating the port, which is a big financial relief.

Ta-ta for now!  Wishing all you mothers a blessed and relaxing day!


  1. yay!!! so glad to hear you are getting a port donated and crazy how you are back on antibiotics!

  2. Those peas look delish! Hope you get feeling better!


  3. Wow, a donated port. What a blessing! Glad you're back on the mend. :)

  4. Good for you....so glad thre dr. Was able to call in a favor.

  5. How have you been doing the past month?