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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New Low: A License to....EAT?

I was so stoked on Saturday morning. I went to the gym for Aqua Fit class, and weighed myself before diving in (I only weigh in at the gym, as they have one of those balancing scales which I have calibrated with my surgeon's scale, in my mind). I saw a new low of 261, which tickled my fancy. I'm only 6 lbs. away from my wedding weight, which was kind of an unwritten big goal for me (80 lbs down, but also a time when I felt pretty good). I also have some weird fantasy about putting on my dress and veil and seducing my hubby, but it's only in my mind....Anyway, I was feeling great, and then I got home, and I guess my sub-conscious decided to celebrate without my permission.

Now, we had company this weekend (one on my husband's USNA college roommates). Off topic, there is something about academy living that forges remarkable life-long friendships and Steve has the most amazingly close-knit group of friends. I think it has something to do with sharing the agony of Plebe Summer. But I digress.... So, guy-company means pizza and beer and wings and things, not even food that I'm overly fond of. But, alas, I chose to enjoy some leftovers when I wasn't even hungry. I ate too much on Saturday and Sunday, including pizza, carne asada, cookies and ice cream, but don't know what the damage is, scale-wise. I see my surgeon two weeks from today, and it's kind of a big deal to me to show a decent loss each month. I think I want him to be proud of me, as weird as that sounds. Failure is not an option, so I need to stay focused these next two weeks, so I'll get a big 'atta girl' hug from Dr. B!


  1. I am the same way with my surgeon! I think it is because he said in the beginning that the lap band was not easy and he tends to lean towards gastric bypass. So, I am out to prove him wrong!

  2. You know, the occasional splurge here and there I really think has *helped* my progress, believe it or not. I tend to post my biggest losses right after I splurge, then hit the ground running to get back on track. So I wouldn't worry too much about it, at 80 lbs down how could your surgeon be anything but unbelievably proud??

    Also: Two thumbs up for the wedding dress seduction fantasy! =)

  3. Two weeks is plenty of time. I'm sure you'll wow your surgeon. Congrats on great weight loss so far.